About Us

Marco's Meats & Deli has been in business since 1989. In fact, we just celebrated our 20th anniversary in October of 2009. Marco's owner, Roger takes pride in maintaining a quality retail meat store, a tradition he assumed from his father Anthony who owned Tony's Market for 25 years in Detroit. Marco's carries a wide variety of USDA choice cuts of beef, pork, veal and lamb. When you come into Marco's, you can rest assured you will receive the best quality meat, chicken, sausage, deli, salads, produce, dairy and so much more. At Marco's, we are small enough to keep our service very personalized but big enough to meet your needs, whether you are feeding your family or a large party. We take pride in a variety of homemade products, especially our sausage, which includes breakfast link or bulk; Polish Kielbasa; Italian sausage, regular, hot and or sweet; and an excellent turkey Italian sausage. You can also special order a mouth-watering wine and cheese Italian sausage. Our stuffed products include stuffed Italian chicken breast; cor don bleu; stuffed chicken breast; stuffed pork chops; and stuffed pork tenderloin. You can also special order stuffed pork crown roast. We make our own stuffing with Brown & Berry croutons, onions, celery, seasonings and chicken broth. In the deli you will find our homemade Italian marinated olives; an excellent ham spread; meatloaf for sandwiches; and the best roast beef in town. Don't forget to inquire about our three and six foot subs and deli trays. Call us at 586-772-1699.

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